We thought it would be fun to photograph some of our interesting friends in our jewellery as a campaign for the shop, and the results are quite spectacular. The pictures were taken by Brett Rubin, with make-up by Lesley Whitby and styling by Nicole van Heerden and Tinsel. Our “models” were: Tiaan Nagel (editor of Fashion Weekly); Boyden Barnardo (hairdresser); Aspasia Karras (editor of Marie-Claire magazine); Gina Waldman (artist); Elsa Young (photographer); Mariette Theron (stylist); Liz Loubser (jeweller); Nastasya Tay (journalist); Nicola Stevenson (fashion buyer); Neil Starr (hairdresser and radio dj); Nicole van Heerden (stylist); Eric Loubser (jeweller and co-owner of Tinsel) and Geraldine Fenn (jeweller and co-owner of Tinsel).